k) Audioperformance

This audioperformance was developed in the Brasília Contemporary Scene 2012 , with the colaboration of the group Bineural Monokultur, to a site-specific: a tiring-house. The audience, one by one put a headphone and a mp3 and was invited to get in the place. The audio conduces the spectator to get in the atmosphere of a decadent and crazy Diva who is in this tiring-house waiting to do a public appearance to her fans. During this short time, she complains about the space, find imperfections in her face, see herself at the mirror, thinks that is beeing spied for someone hired in the closet and when she looks for her robe discovers that it was turned into a carpet.

To create this story me and a support team study the space and we didnt moved the local objetcs from it respectives place. We used the space just like it was configurated to create the story. The local objects were: a table with mirror and flowers, a closet, a carpet, a stairs and a door. The audio sounds like the conscience of the Diva, but indicates to the spectator some actions.

Conception and voice: Natasha Padilha

Can be heard in portuguese here:

Audiperformance Diva

An espectator enjoing the audioperformance:


Here is possible to see the site-specific and its local objects:


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