e) ConFAKErencia, LPTV

The LPTV – Laboratório de Performance e Teatro do Vazio (Laboratory of Performance and Theatre of Empty – in english) was created in 2010 by alumni and teachers at  the University of Brasília, a public university in Brazil’s capital. The group work as an  extension project of the University and is coordinated by Dra Simone Reis (professor at the University, also a performer/artist) and also collaborates with media artist Iain Mott (http://reverberant.com/index.htm), coreographer Gisele Rodrigues and costume designer Cynthia Carla. I have been in the group since the very beginning. Our research is about performance and post-dramatic theatre. We’re investigating a new hybrid place which tests the borders and limits between the arts and other areas of knowledge, such as technology, psychology, anthropology, journalism, radio, and real life.

In 2010 we created the theatre-experience ConFAKErencia, which is based on the performers personal experiences, about the relationship between performer-objetc/clothes and performer-music/video. This visual provocative experience has a nostalgic atmosphere, especially because we are sharing personal confessions, fantasies, discoveries and somehow we’re exhibiting, or even undressing, ourselves in different ways. A bit of clowning, a bit of real life and lot of self-fiction.

Videos Extract:


“My name is Natasha, i’m the primary, and i’m studing Ziraldo. I memorized all the histories. I like to brush my hair and to use lipstick and my teatcher Íris has to call for my atention. When I grow up i want to be the Wonder Woman”


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