f) Don’t feed the animals

Dont feed the animals was the graduation in Performing Arts final project at the  University of Brasília, performed in november,2011. The collaborative process culminated in a original dramaturgy and music based on a old circus with grotescus characters.

The actors continue to work together performing the play in festivals, they created the Cia Subsolo 59.

The story is about a old and imaginative circus where every dream can be lived forever until a new and disturbing presence get in the circus.

Duration: 1h20

Direction, conception and acting by:
Sr Benvindo, the owner: Diego Borges
Maître/ Matriarca – The old Ballerina : Natasha Padilha
Jack, the cooker: Albert Carneiro
Piro, the clow: Rodrigo Oliveira
Sila, the circus keeper: Marcos Davi
Monga, the pet: Karine Ribeiro
Alba, the gypsy: Ramayana Régis
Tita, the reality: Rita Cruz

Paulo Ohana,
Káshi Melo, Allan Quadros e Hugo Carvalho


Nitza Teneblat and
Marcus Motta


Videos extracts:





A vt:




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