g) Matriarka Pavelhovna

The World History Of Ballet by Matriarka Pavelhovna

Matriarka Pavelhovna is a famous live legend of ballet, her age can’t be calculated but her carreer is impressive. An unique ballerina,one of the greatest in the whole world, imortalized with the title of absolut prima-ballerina. In a tribute to her, in three acts, she cames to Brazil, with all her charism and love, to demonstrate her work, asnwer the curious questions of the international and nacional press, to do a free master class for the audience, and of course, to dance. Bring your dance shoes and came to meet this muse of classical ballet, Matriaka Pavelhovna.
Ps: autographs, hugs, photos and congratulations can be avaliable in the end of the tribute

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The process:
The piece is in process of reharsal. The piece as the old age as a theme, in a comic yet delicated way. Matriarka is a old lady fixed in her bailarina identity. She belives to be a great and famous dancer, but in fact the only thing that she still have is memories and the degradation of reason. In her craziness she’ll dance forever, in anywhere, will give interviews, and will hear the aplauses of her invisible audience. My personal experience as classical ballerina for 12 years and psicological disturbances in old age in my family are material used in this process. I also based my research in the biography of famous old dancers, such as Kazuoh Ono and Renée Gummiel.
I started this research in 2011. This character were presented in an other piece called “Dont feed the animals” (nov,2011), and now i’m working in this piece, more focus in Matriarka’s life. This characther was object of my final thesis of graduation in Dramatic Arts at Brasília’s University with the orientation of Dra Simone Reis.
This project has the colaboration of Elisa Carneiro, as director assistence and tecnical support.
Renée Gummiel, Kazuoh Ono and Matriarka Pavelhovna

Photos of experimentations by Elisa Carneiro:

Video extract of reharsal:




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