d) The unknow island

The Unknow Island: a memory game.

Conception and direction: Natasha Padilha

  As wrote the portuguese, nobel prize winner, Jose Saramago: The unknow island is ourselves and our world. In my project as director I´m worked with non-actress and personal reports. The non-actress will retell their histories using the contemporary theatre and performance languages. My motivation is based on this idea”if everyone has stories to tell, everyone is able to create”.
The piece as been build in a memory game structure, where three non-actress on stage will be players and tell re-their and re-live their own stories with the help of the others and the audience. In a intime and casual ambient, full of photos, draws, personal objects and lights, the audience will be invite to open cards with words that induces the players to sit on the chair and tell some episode of their life, in other hand if the card has a question, will be the time of the audience tell the non-actress their storie. Love, family, travels, fears, secrets and curiosities are key words in this game.
The premier of the piece was in July,2011.

Special thanks to Regina Yara,
Thais Gawryszewsk and Desiré Salvatore, non-actress who got with me in this

A creative process extract, from our first metting:
The full  performance, in 3 parts:
Recorded by Alana Christina. The videos are in portuguese.

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