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The Laboratory of Performance and Theatre of Emptiness (LPTV) elaborated a workshop, named Me and the other – performance and personal reports for non-actors and open to all the community. The participants must be interested in telling their life episodes, experiences and personal reports and in transformate this material in a creative potential. To hear the other and get in their universe is also going to be explore. Will be applicated excercises and games to recycle the body as a place of memory and invention. This way we are goign to build together a nostalgic space, sometimes funny and sometimes reflective, but always with respect and cumplicity. Your histories trought the performance – which put in border life and art – creates a new art concept, where the presence is more important than the representation.

The workshop as 8h and is lead with love by Natasha Padilha and LPTV members since 2009.


A video extract:


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